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We are introducing two regular features on our new Community Page - Supplier Spotlight and Charity Quarterly.


Supplier Spotlight

Meet our local suppliers and learn a little bit about them and how they work.

First up is David Jesse of Calcot Farm – who specialises in Sussex Cured meats.

Davd Jesse of Calcot Farm Produce


Charity Quarterly

Part of Riding for the Disabled
Charity No. 1073580

Happy LandingsWe are very grateful to The Crown and its customers for their continued support for the work that we do and thought you might like to know a little bit more about us.

The Happy Landings Carriage Driving Group for the Disabled, is affiliated to the Riding for the Disabled Association.  It was formed in 1993 by Ann Sheldrake from her home ‘Happy Landings’ hence the name.  The Group is now based in Tismans Common, West Sussex.

It was started for adults who could not ride, but still wanted to be involved with horses.
Carriages, specially adapted to take wheelchairs, are used.  Every time we take a disabled driver out, we need a small army of volunteers to maintain a safe environment - an able-bodied driver (CD Coach), three helpers on bicycles and two more to assist the disabled driver on and off the carriage.

The purchase and maintenance of carriages, harness and other equipment is expensive.
The Group owns one pony whose expenses include shoeing, veterinary care, feeding, rugs etc. but are very fortunate to also have three ponies lent to us by members of the Group.

As you can imagine, funding is a major part of maintaining the Group’s activities.  Fund raising is always ongoing and any support is MOST welcome.

The other major contributor to our Group is our loyal band of helpers, BUT we always need more.
Anyone who has Wednesday mornings free from April to October and can ride a bike would be very welcome to apply to join us.

For more information please contact our Organiser:
Carol Porter    Tel No. 01403 741355

If you are interested in being part of our Charity Quarterly please do get in touch with us for a chat.